my mom was on the local news today and she actually called her mom so that she could see it


young Jeff Goldblum

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Title: Hey Ladies Artist: Beastie Boys 493 plays


Hey Ladies 
Beastie Boys
Paul’s Boutique (1989)

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is your teen joining THE SKELETON WARS?


decode their text messages for “txt speak” slang used by SKELETONS

  • LOL - lots of legbones
  • SMH - skeletons murdering humans
  • FYI - forget your insides! (and become a skeleton)
  • WTF - waxing the fibula
  • OMG - outta my grave
  • FFS - for friendly skeletons

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Skull in a salt lake

Wow that is the highest quality gif I have ever seen!

It looks like I’m actually there

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An Introduction

Leanna is a 5-year-old girl who loves superheroes. When she wears her superhero clothes to kindergarten, though, the boys tell her that superheroes are “for boys.” She has even started to wear her jacket all day to keep from being hassled about it. (For the record, princesses aren’t “for girls,” either.)

Her 7-year-old sister Adalina has declared Wednesday, October 1, to be Wear Your Superheroes Day. Boys and girls (of all ages) who believe superheroes are for EVERYONE should wear their superhero stuff on Wednesday and post a picture with the hashtag #WearYourSuperheroes. Solidarity!

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Karl Axel Pehrson (Swedish, 1921-2005), Solfjädergräs. Canvas, 60 x 85 cm.

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Title: Useless Artist: Depeche Mode 747 plays


Useless - Depeche Mode

All my useless advice
All my hanging around
All your cutting down to size
All my bringing you down

All your stupid ideals
Got your head in the clouds
You should see how it feels
With your feet on the ground

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Title: Barrel Of A Gun Artist: Depeche Mode 1,013 plays


Barrel Of A Gun-Depeche Mode

"What do you expect of me
What is it you want
Whatever you’ve planned for me
I’m not the one.”

Title: A Vision of Fire - Prologue 1,460 plays

Audio of Prologue from Gillian Anderson’s book “A Vision Of Fire”. Read by Gillian Anderson.

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Title: Sex, Love & Money Artist: Mos Def 567 plays


Sex, Love & Money


Gillian Anderson in A Streetcar Named Desire

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Flirting with Disaster (David O. Russell, 1996) | Téa Leoni

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